About the Academy

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The Academy crest showing the values of Integrity (pillar), Excellence (laurel wreath), Discipline (book), and Vision (sun at horizon).

The Leadership Academy is a focus program of the C.E. Ellison High School.  It is an association of select high performing students who strive to combine their individual talents to improve themselves, their school, and the community.  Members learn by doing, attending required monthly leadership seminars and Academy committee meetings, working with a mentor in the community to learn about a profession, completing an independent project, and contributing community service.  Members are required to take the Principals of Leadership, complete 50 hours of community service each year, complete a senior leadership project, and complete a senior internship to graduate from the Academy.




Entry requirements:
• Placement: 9-12
• Quality checks: no serious attendance or discipline referrals
• Four criteria:
1) completed application (available through counselors’ offices);
2) GPA of 2.75 or higher (8th graders attach report card to application);
3) interview by Academy members; and
4) core teachers’ input.
Under normal circumstances, selected students outside the Ellison attendance zone will be approved for transfer to Ellison.  Transportation will be the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility.

Courses Progression: See page for Course Work
• Principles of Government and Public Administration: Introduction to American Leadership (6106) – required for 9th grade members (Public Service and Arts & Humanities endorsement paths)

With the advent of HB 5 we will need to apply the following structure for the Class of 2018 and later:

Endorsement for Humanities:

9th (6106):  Principles of Government and Public Administration: Introduction to American Leadership (6106).   Prerequisite: Acceptance to Ellison Leadership Academy.   All students accepted into the Ellison Leadership Academy will take this course. This course introduces students to foundations of governmental functions and career opportunities within the United States. Students will examine governmental documents such as the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This course also introduces students to concepts of leadership relative to themselves and the world.

10th (6318): Independent Study in Speech: Principles of Leadership.  Prerequisite: Leadership Principles of Gov’t & Public Ad.  This course provides opportunities for advanced students to plan, organize, produce, perform, and evaluate a project that enables them to develop advanced leadership skills in communication, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students will evaluate contemporary and historical leadership concepts and theories.

11th (5460): Leadership: Special Topics in Social Studies.  Prerequisite: Ind. Study in Speech-Principles of Leadership Students are provided the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of self, others, and the world through the study of historic, political, economic, geographic, multicultural, and social forces that have shaped their lives and the world in which they live.

12th (5461): Leadership: Social Studies Advanced Studies.  Prerequisite: Leadership-Special Topics in Social Studies.  Students conduct in-depth research in preparation for Senior Symposium.

Endorsement for Public Service:





Honors Principles of Leadership (3310/9000) – for 2015-2016 11th-12th grades (required for all members)


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