Each month, Academy members are required to attend the Formal Meeting in the cafeteria beginning at 7:00pm (see posted Academy calendar for dates).  Expected dress is the Academy button-down shirt–no jeans.  Students are required to be on time to prevent disrupting the guest speaker.  In the event a student was unable to eat before the meeting, he/she is to sit at the back of the cafeteria and refrain from eating until the guest speaker has finished.  Students are responsible for all information presented at these meetings; therefore, taking notes in one’s planner is encouraged and expected.

At least once monthly, the staff committees for Community Service, Events, Marketing & Publicity, Operations, and Opportunities meet to manage their routine and emergent business.  Class officers also meet at least once monthly with their members to discuss items related to their class only and the Academy at large.  All members should be familiar with the posted Academy calendar for these dates, field trips, and other important events.

Other meetings are scheduled as special events.  One such meeting is “Make a Difference Day” each year.  This is an opportunity for the entire Academy to contribute to the betterment of our community in a preselected project.  This usually lasts a few hours on a Saturday and all are required to attend.  Other meetings may be “ad hoc” in nature and related to the Recruitment, BAEH planning, Senior Symposium, etc.

IMPORTANT:  Meetings are essential to internal communication completing the work of the Academy.  Students are expected to attend their committees on time.  Students not attending their committees may be considered for a retention hearing at the end of each semester.  The Academy calendar may be posted in up to three locations: outside both doors of Room 133 and on the Academy bulletin board in the main hallway.


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