Community Service Definition and Procedures

Community Service Definition

 Community service: noun>

  • Voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area
  • Helping others without being mandated to do so

What NOT to do:

  • No family activities in any way, shape, or form. Chores do not count as community service. That’s just being a good family member.
  • Any type of verification by ANY family member is NOT
  • Cannot be activities you’re obligated to do with any organization (excludes 1st NHS trash pick-up). YAC member doing YAC Conference doesn’t count.
  • Cannot be for a profit-based entity (organization, person(s), etc.) It doesn’t matter if you do not make money but if the company makes money itself then it is a NO GO.
  • Cannot be for work NOT done at the location unless permission has been given by your sponsor (NHS, Leadership Academy, etc.). ie work done at home
  • Do not include any sleeping/lunch/off time as part of your hours.
  • No BABYSITTING for individual households or for profit daycares. Only for groups/organizations; i.e. schools or churches.
  • No work for neighbors. That is being neighborly.

What to DO:

  • Must have qualified verifications by an adult according to the format on forms.
  • Must be actual work with no compensation (money, food, favors, etc.).
  • Double dipping is allowed with restrictions (see a sponsor if questionable).
  • Include transportation time (except for flights or long drives) if you were just headed to the location for community service.
  • If there is a scratch out the verifier must initial the error and correction.

How to do verifications:

 Have the person verifying write out the hours worked, not the number but the word.

Forging…NO, NO, NO! Forging is writing in the verifier’s box, signing for the person, or initialing a scratch out, or changing times. DO NOT do any of this even if the adult says it is okay.

When logging in hours, if you have 5 minutes past the hour, round it back. If it is 10 minutes, round to the quarter. EX. 5hrs 5mins = 5hrs…5hs 10mins = 5.25…5hrs 30mins = 5.5,..5hrs 45mins = 5.75.

The form is self-explanatory. If you have any questions, please ask your advisors

Ms. Kayren McCarty ( or Ms. Rhonda Reese (

Community Service Policy and Procedures

 Community Service is a gateway to developing character and growing the community. Our purpose and role in service is to create a better atmosphere for our society. While serving and planning to serve, one is able to develop traits that will help throughout his or her lifetime such as, personal planning, responsibility, integrity, discipline, vision, and excellence. This policy and procedure is intended to answer any comments and/or questions regarding the Academy’s community service obligations, requirements, and purpose.

 Understandings of procedures:

I have received and understand the definition of community service.

I understand that I can count travel time to the service event if I especially made the trip to serve. (i.e. If already at school and I perform community service after school; no travel time. If at home, and planning to serve at Rosewood, count travel time.)

I understand that I can only have one blue form and green form out at a time.

I understand that I cannot make copies of the forms.

I understand that in order to get a new sheet, I must turn in a completed sheet.

I understand that I have a specific day/date on which to turn in my hours.

I understand that I have to create a PVSA webpage for myself and log-in my hours there.

I understand that I must turn in the spreadsheet provided by the webpage when hours are due.

I understand if I have a question about my service, I should go by and ask about the hours BEFORE I do it.

I understand that if my question comes after school hours, I will wait to ask during work hours as to not disturb the advisor during home time.

I understand if I perform or record the hours incorrectly, that I am at fault for my errors not the person who finds the errors.

I understand that I cannot count the work of an organization of which I am a part if the work is one that we host (i.e. STUCO Homecoming dance, YAC youth conference, Junior class prom, etc.).

I understand I can only do five service hours for a church per semester.

If my family is involved in a civic organization or other service group (e.g., Rotary Club), I can only accrue five service hours for that organization.

I understand I can only do twenty hours per year for EHS on campus.

I understand that teenagers cannot sign off on hours.


I understand the following penalties:

I understand that if I turn in more than one sheet, that I will receive a penalty of fifteen minutes for each copied sheet.

I understand that if I try to turn my hours in late, I will receive an hour penalty for each section on the paper (up to 5).

***Students who simply fall short of their service hours and did not complete enough hours, should be dismissed.

***Freshman who complete enough hours to remain in good standing, but through clerical errors or omissions, should be given another opportunity to continue on probationary status. If they fail once again to complete all paperwork at the next check, they may be dismissed at that time.


Academy members should begin service by the end of March for the upcoming year.

Each member should strive to obtain at least one PVSA award by there senior year.

Academy members should set goals and strive to achieve more than the 50 required hours.

Each member should know that College Admission boards rank community service high on items needed from an applicant for their university along with scholarship committees, and prospective employers.


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